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Geek on, Geeker.

Talkin' about the kind of stuff that makes most people's eyes glaze over...

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this community is for people who more than just love music...if you're one of us, you have the sickness.

does your music collection outvalue your current vehicle?
does it OUTWEIGH your current vehicle?

you might just be a music geek!

music geeks like all genres of music. a hardcore music geek knows that there are only two kinds of music: good and bad.
a serious music geek listens to more than just the music that was popular when they were in high school.
a real music geek knows the names of major rock critics, and has possibly written an angry letter to at least one.
when people see your collection, is their first reaction "oh...my...GOD..."?

yeah, you might be a music geek...

things i'd like to see in this community:

record reviews, both new and old.
lists (top ten psychedelic mambo surf tunes of the 70's...that sort of thing)
your memories of great records, shows or whatever
pictures (but be sure to use the LJ cut if it's a big file or is more than one pic)

please keep it friendly. i will come down like a ton of returned copies of hanson's second album on anybody who flames anybody. everyone's taste is valid...feel free to argue the validity of artists, genres and etcetera, but keep the namecalling on the playground.

ALL MUSIC< NO COMMERCIALS, PLEASE! There are plenty of other places to sell records and memorabilia...I have no interest in this becoming one of them. "For Sale" posts will be deleted.