Persona non grata (atomic_joe2) wrote in musicgeeks,
Persona non grata

Random music theory...

So I have this theory that even if you dislike a certain band / artist they have usually got one song where you go 'thats not bad, that one'. Or maybe just one that you can tolerate instead of feeling the sudden urge to kick the TV / radio in like you normally do when you hear them. You hate yourself for thinking it but it doesn't make it any less true!

The exception that proves the rule for me is, of course, James Blunt. He makes me ashamed to be British and his refusal to let Weird Al Jankovic release his 'You're Pitiful' parody merely confirms that he's a prick of quite monumental preciousness.

So lets try this. I loathe Robbie Williams with a vengeance but 'South Of The Border' is a good one. Cliff Richard is a boil on the backside of humanity and his material is so sickly sweet that your teeth rot just listening to him. But 'Devil Woman' rocks!

I dunno, the theory works for me!
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